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The TXA Forum Is now up!!

Go to the TXA forum page, click on the TXA Forum link, and sign up in the forum.

Hello Everyone,

Due to other certain responsibilities, F2A8 resigned from his Secondary CEO position.
I would like to take a moment, and thank him for his service as TXA's Secondary CEO

We have added a new Helocoptor wing to the airline. We will be flying pre-planned flight routes and missions that go everywhere from:
rescues in the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, Appalacian MT. Range
Airlifting of gov. equipment, food supplies, etc.
Night time recon.
Highway Patrol
And much more!!!
There is no set Helo. fleet for these this gives you plenty of room to do what YOU want.

In a few months i will have a SPECIAL suprise for all of you. I WILL NOT say what it is, BUT you will all benifit from what i am going to do. When I plan to release what i am doing, there will be a Fun Day, in which i encourage EVERYBODY to attend. If you do not attend, well, you will just have to ask someone else.

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