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Welcome to the Helo. wing. I hope you find your time at this end of TXA enjoyable

Rules for the Helo Wing:
1) You MUST obey all other company rules.
2) Pilot MUST fly one of the set Helo Missions
3) If any other mission is to be flown that isnt pre-planned, contact a CEO

The question that loads of people ask all the time is "What type of Helo (or aircraft) may i fly?"...Well, the answer is simple for this wing of the company...As long as the chopper is able to be flown successfully for the type of mission you are flying, the type of chopper does NOT
If you are flying a mission that involves an Appacian Mt. Rescue, fly any rescue chopper you prefer, are comfy in, etc.
Pre-planned routes to be established soon!!

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